Single, "До Чикаго и напред", Cvetelin Andreev. Available on Soundcloud.
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Mini album, "От извора" featuring Valentina Dobreva. Available for free in Youtube.
  1. Росни ми, росни, Росице
  2. Пустоно лудо и младо
  3. Девойко, мари, хубава
  4. Бела съм, бела, юначе


"две гайди от родопите", Nikolay Belyashki and Atanas Peev. Available for sale on
  1. Събрали са са, събрали ...
  2. Девойко, мари, хубава, син си ми пламен наклала ...
  3. Глава ли та боли ...
  4. Стано ле, Станчице ...
  5. Момиченце, райковленчице ...
  6. Мале ле, стара майчинко ...

About the band

Kaynak Pipers Band is a kaba gaida (Bulgarian bagpipes) ensemble performing traditional folklore from the Rhodope mountain, Bulgaria. It is formed to continue the traditions of authentic kaba gaida performance and help people from all the world get closer to kaba gaida music, traditions and folklore. It is part of the enclosing project KabaGaida.Com - platform for online training, workshops and concerts around the world.
The word "kaynak" means "source" and is used to name a kaba gaida performer's specific tunes/instrumentals, often demonstrating his performing skills. Usually when a piper is playing his "kaynak" the music that he plays come straight from his soul.


About kaba gaida

Play kaba gaida even if you can't:
1. Open the Youtube video
2. Press Pause, then Play
3. Press any number key (from 1 to 0) on your keyboard.

Kaba Gaida, a Bulgarian bagpipe, is one of the most distinctive symbols of the Bulgarian Culture. Spread mostly in the heart of the Rhodope mountain, it is one of the few instruments in the world managed to preserve its form, sounds, tunes and traditions almost unchanged from ancient times.
Kaba Gaida is a low pitched bagpipe - a typical representative of the Gaida family and possesses all the characteristics - single drone, wooden chanter, flea hole, goat skin bag and a tube reed from elder, cane with a tongue, tight fingering style (each note is played by lifting only one finger).
Interesting facts:
  • The song Izlel e Delio Haidutin is included in the Voyager Golden Record travelling in the space since 1977 year.
  • The Guinness World Record for largest bagpipe ensemble is held by the kaba gaida and 333 participants.
  • AFAWK It is the only member of the bagpipes family with reverse cone shape of the chanters inner tube.
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About KabaGaida.Com

We believe kaba gada, its music and traditions, being a unique part of the cultural heritage of the humanity enrich each one of us, our society and the world.
Our mission is to help more people from all over the world feel their magic.
We do online training, workshops with kids, educational concerts and we take part in international events presenting the kaba gaida. We help people get quality instruments and all fans of kaba gaida can communicate, meet and share knowledge through our platform.
After we blew up the crowd on the International Bagpipe Conference in Glasgow, 2016, this fall (2016) we are invited to take part in some of the most important festivals for world music in the US - Chicago World Music Festival and Richmond Folk Festival with more that 700 000 visitors. We have gigs in New York, Detroit, Washington, Boston, Baltimore.
We've started a crowdfunding campaign to support the tour:

Upcoming Events

Every Tuesday at 20:00. Live Concert and jam sessions at the Cultural Centre "Nikolay Haytov". Booking +359889651656

US east coast tour
Sep 24, 2016 World Music Festival, Chicago IL, USA -
Sep 26, 2016 3rd Man Records, Detroit MI, USA -

Sep 27, 2016 New England Conservatory, Boston MA, USA -
Sep 28, 2016 MIT, workshop with MIT World Music Students and an evening concert, Boston MA, USA -
Sep 29, 2016 Drom NYC, New York, USA -

Sep 30, 2016 Creative Alliance, Baltimore MD, USA
Oct 3, 2016 Richmond VA, University of Richmond, Richmond VA, USA

Oct 5, 2016 Fredericksburg, Virginia

Oct 7, 2016 Music Concert Series, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
Oct 08, 2016 Richmond Folk Festival, Richmond VA, USA -
Oct 10, 2016 The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, USA -

Oct 21, 2016 Kinisi Festival Santorini, Greece

Important Past Events

International Bagpipe Conference 2016
International Gaida Competition, Gela 2016
Keepers of the tradition 2014
Sofia Fusion Fest 2014


3th place in the International Gaida Competition Gela 2015
National Darik Radio chart "40 under 40"



Social responsibility

Kaynak Pipers Band is deeply involved in education activities among children and adults. Often the band organizes educational concerts combining music performances with practical exercises. They provide free online training materials and Skype lessons ( Their workshops for children ( are welcomed in schools and play centers both in Bulgaria and abroad.
The band often volunteers for disadvantaged or disabled adults and children and takes part in charity events.


Core team
Cvetelin Andreev plays Bulgarian kaba gaida since 2005 year performing on weddings, events and festivals. He is a passionate trainer, teaching kids and adults both in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2010 Cvetelin participates in the Danube Music Festival as a first price winner of the festival competition where he performs on Kaba Gaida with world-famous musicians like Carlos Nunes, Theodosii Spassov, etc. In 2012 year he co-founds where he provides kaba gaida trainings worldwide and manages the online kaba gaida community.
Kostadin Gerdzhikov has been playing the gaida since he was 10 years old. He was inspired to start by his cousin Nikolay Belyashki who at the moment is a renown gaida player and maker. The greatest musical influences upon him were his first teacher Kostadin Ilchev and the famous traditional players from the village of Gela. In 2014 he won the first price of the National Competition for kaba bagpipers in the village of Gela. For years he has been playing authentic folklore with different groups at festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. He is one of the few most dedicated people on earth teaching more than 20 students and children worldwide.
Yanko Marangozov is a coordinator of the band, selecting best composition for each particular scenario and putting everything into place. He plays kaba gaida since 2005 year. 3th prize winner in the International Gaida Competition in Gela 2014. Artist and animator.
Todora Vasileva is a vocalist started singing traditional Rhodopean songs since the age of 4. She shares "When somebody from the family was getting married I was part of the program - went out and start singing". While she is a student, Todora sings in the local vocal group and in the Youth Folklore Ensemble Orpheus, being a principal vocalist for almost 3 years. Todora keeps singing and preserving the vocal traditions of the Rhodopean folklore taking part in folklore festivals in Bulgaria and abroad.
Peter Yordanov (Buny) was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and is a self taught master of unusual musical instrument tupan(dual), hang drum, cajon. His cajon was custom-made for him in Slovakia. It has built- in bongos and 4 strings. He created the group called Echo - Balkan Samba in 2008, and year later - a group called Oratnitza. As a member of those he has regularly played clubs and festivals around Bulgaria and around the world including Malaysia ( Penang World Music Festival 2013 ); Finland ( Tromso World Music Festival 2013 ); Belgium ( Brosella Folk & Jazz Festival 2012 ); Russia ( Perm World Music Festival 2014 and 2015 ); Balkan Trafik 2011; Greece ( Balkan Fest 2012 ); Slovakia ( Summer Tour 2012 ) Both groups participated in the July Jazz Festival (BG) and won the Audience Award. In 2012 Oratnitza issued its debut album and 2015 created new album called FOLKTRON.
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Valentina Dobreva is a professional Bulgarian folklore vocalist. Takes part as well in Тъпани и гайди and Родопско настроение orchestra. School teacher in music. PHD in ethnomusicology.
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Atanas Peev starts playing kaba gaida in the Youth folklore ensemble Smolyan on the age of 14. He is a member of "101 kaba gaidi" orchestra. Multiple winner of the International Gaida Competition on Gela. 2012 performs in Budapest, 2013 on the Appowila festival in Abtwil, Switzerland. Same year wins the prize Keeper of the Traditions in crafts.
Nikolay Belyashki is one of the few makers of kaba gaida in Bulgaria. He is an excellent bagpipe player and is a part of the very popular assembly "101 Bagpipes". Nikolay was born in the town of Smolyan. He had began playing the Kaba Gaida when he was 12 years old. One of his teachers is Konstantin Ilchev, who is also a maker. Nikolay made his first Kaba Gaida at the age of fifteen and since now he has made ​​hundreds of bagpipes, sold in Bulgaria and abroad. Several times he won first place at the National Bagpipe Competition at Gela and some other contests.
Nikolay Belyashki is a maker, who always stays true to the tradition and the unique style in making the authentic Rhodopean Kaba Gaida. He uses mostly dogwood, acacia and plum to make the bagpipes.


Izlel e Delio Haidutin
Sep 30, 2016AwardsEnsemble